Journal Entry #2


4 years ago

A Frank and Ernest Guide to Skiing is available on AmazonWe may have mentioned the fact that Frank and Ernest are now available on Amazon. Just a little.

However, if you click here you can go straight to the page itself and buy our fantastic, if we may say so ourselves, guide to skiing book.

Full of useful tips, and some not so useful, it’s perfect for a ski loving chum (or as a secret santa gift for a colleague).

Your intrepid amazonians,

Frank and Ernest

Journal Entry #1


5 years ago

A Frank & Ernest Guide to Skiing book image

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new book – A Frank & Ernest Guide to Skiing.

Written by two slightly cynical cranks our first ever book has been written in the hope that our observations can help you dodge some of the scrapes and japes we’ve enjoyed…and sometimes endured.

The book is A6 in size (perfect to give as a gift) and costs £5.99 (+£1.50p+p), and as a special introductory offer you can get 15% off if you use the code ‘Gimme1′ at the checkout. Plus you’ll also find a collectable card included with one of 5 designs…

Frank & Ernest

Click here to go straight to our online shop

A brief synopsis

Your ski holiday should be the highlight of your year. But there’s so much to do and think about that it can easily go down hill fast. So to speak. That’s why we’ve put our heads together to bring you these wry observations and useful-ish tips for either the nervy novice or eager expert.

Occasionally mocking and scornful we may be, but we are Frank and Ernest and we like to say it as we see it…

“Smoking, breaking wind and friendly conversation with strangers on any shared lift are, at best, frowned upon.  Please note that our European cousins are prone to such traits and it would be wise to be tolerant, or at most, refer politely to the weather.”

“Indulging in leisurely sun-blessed lunches is one of the joys of skiing.
Take time to savour the generous helping of canned spag bol. At 16 Euros, it’s a bargain.”



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