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Frank and Ernest is an unholy union of two warped minds looking at the world through spectacles without any form of rose coloured tint.

Through the alliance of word and image, we’ll be bringing forth a series of quirky books and products and sharing our odd-ball observations with you.

Contact us if you’re interested in collaboration.

Frank & Ernest






The Frank and Ernest brand is registered under Trademark  No. UK00003048306

Frank imageFrank was a nomadic child, flitting between cultures and continents. This developed a keen sense for the aesthetic, and a love of meat in all its forms. In later life, Frank maintains his international existence but has taken up magic, with the particular skill of turning people’s dreams into visual reality.

Ernest imageLegend has it that Ernest was raised by feral sheep in the deepest west country. Despite this, he learned to speak and use a pen and broke away from the flock to seek his fame and fortune in the metropolis. He failed on both counts and currently lurks under the guise of corporate respectability, pending the revolution.

Latest products

A-Frank-and-Ernest-Guide-to-skiing-cover-mock-upA Frank & Ernest Guide to…skiing

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